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ebook reader or something more

I bought a nook color ebook reader today. It is pretty cool, but still has some limitations. I am posting on it right now : D They announced thatthere will be an update for it sometime in january that will make it even more awsome ^_^ I can read books and manga on it and browse the internet. I will post more about it later.

Hope everyone had a nice calm Christmas <3


I am fine, haven't been sick in a long time, so I hope it will stay that way. I got the nook color which is $245 plus tax. The regular nook and nook 3G is 145 and 189 I think (the 3G thing with nook/kindle doesnt mean anything unless you actualy plan to BUY books). The color has an LCD screen and not eink, which I think is good fro me cause I read at home in the evenings. It also has a good web browser, wish should get even better when the update comes this month. It will make it easier to read online manga, like onemanga.com ^^ It also should make the gallery work better so you can read manga without converting it ^^ (Right now I am making ebup format or PDF out of them to read it). I will post pics tomorrow ^^. I recomend if it is possible for you to see the kindle and play with it before you buy it to make sure it is what you want. I think for ebooks it will be great, but for manga, internet or writing, it might not be that great. But I have not tried one so I cant say for sure, it might be the most awesome thing ever XD Also make sure it can read epub format, I read it can not, but they may have fixed that or they let you convert it or something. Lots of luck!
Aw, that is awesome for your mom, I know she loves to read ^^ epub is the free ebook format, that most free ebooks come in. Like all the pre 1923 (or whatever year it is) books that the copyright expired for. But I read you can download some of those on amazon for free. Also try Calibre software it can convert things to put on the Kindle (or any other reader). I think it will make epub to pdf too :) Oh also with the epub format (or the other reader formats) it lets you change the front size and line spacing and font and such, so it is better for reading then pdf. Internet says that Calibre software will convert epub to kindle format :)

The 3G thing is dumb cause you will never use it, I don't see why you would pay 50$ extra for it. Maybe if you don't have wifi at home and like to read newspapers? I can see any other reason.

The cool thing here with Barns & Noble is that you can go in to their store and read books for free for an hour a day :) They have a cafe type part of the store where you can get something to drink or a cookie and sit on a couch and read XD Not sure I will ever use it but it is neat XD

December 2010

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